Money Wasted

Lake Worth Utilities
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... for an arc flash study that Mr. Reyes was qualified to do in house and at no cost to taxpayers.
... the estimated engineering cost of the express feeder which could also be done in house at no cost to taxpayers.
... wasted when insurance requirements were circumvented by the city manager and utility director.
... wasted when plant manager Dave Mulvay’s first attempt at writing a scope of work contained a defect that cost taxpayers an extra $123,098 for tainting the bidding process and giving unfair advantage to one bidder over another. - April 2009
... wasted when the Matrix organizational study to save taxpayers money was scrapped in favor of higher cost outsourcing by city manager Stanton.
... wasted engineering design cost of water piping and tanks (original county water deal) that will never be built.
... wasted when additional costs were incurred for not following insurance procedure on transformer repair.
... wasted when the commission unanimously voted to order transformers when we had equivalent replacements already in stock since the upgrade. - 15 Sep. 2009
Total Taxpayer Dollars Wasted:

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27 November 2021 18:51:17 EST

Posted on Thursday, August 28, 2008 @ 12:38:18 EST by admin




“We gave up our own Police department so that we would not have to pay for liability insurance and training,” so says Sheriff Bradshaw. Nowhere in today’s article did the Sheriff say that we would be safer under his control. No where did he say that crime would be reduced. No where did he indicate that any changes would occur other than our patrol cars now having the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office insignia and our very same 91 officers would wear green shirts.

There is a very big advantage of having your own police department because you have complete control of the city’s police force. Having the same local officers in the area strengthens Lake Worth residents’ appreciation and trust of the police. Some we know by name and can call directly when we have problems. One of the important things is having a relationship with your law enforcement officers. After two years with the Sheriff, these men can and probably will no longer be here. The residents of Lake Worth will become a number rather than a name.

Politics came about in Lake Worth in 1913 when we elected our first city commission. Our first police chief was appointed that year and there really was no crime but then, there were less than 500 residents. Instead, the Chief of Police’s main jobs were clearing and repairing the streets and he acted as a deputy tax collector. His annual salary then was $75.00. The speed limit on Dixie Highway was 10mph. Our Chief in 1913 had a rifle but it was not used for protection; it was used for fishing.

At the end of World War II, Lake Worth had many immigrants who came through a legal process and settled here, building homes and establishing businesses, assimilating and contributing to the growth and the health of our city. We are a city built out now with an estimated number of residents at over 37,000 and approximately 16,000 housing units. Demographics have rapidly changed. As of 2000, the three most spoken first languages in Lake Worth were English at 56.61%, Spanish at 26.57%, and French Creole which was spoken by 9.17% of the population.

There certainly is a larger population to police now than in 1913 and nearly half of our population do not speak English or speak very little. We have seen a mass escalation in crime. We have way too many undocumented people with few job skills to contribute to the health of our city and we have been encouraging more. So a rise in criminal activity may not be due to fewer police, but rather rising unemployment, day laborers making very low wages and contributing little if nothing to our city, crowded housing conditions, high rental rates giving the potential criminal no hope but to take what is not his.

Palm Beach County Commissioner, Robert Kanjian, said it best when I talked to him a week ago. “There are three problems with Lake Worth: CODE, CODE and CODE.” There are higher costs for city services due to code violations. We are all paying the price. We must solve our code issues, have owner occupied houses, and when we do, property values will rise again.

The recent change of control of our local police force is solely tied to our economic health. Former city governments negotiated bad, one-sided union contracts. As economics changed here and unemployment occurred and more undocumented workers moved in, taxes went up, insurance went up, and many properties became rentals to the illegal immigrant. People who could no longer afford to live in their houses and could find no buyers, ended up leasing them out to people--never doing background checks and looking the other way on the number of people occupying the dwelling, desperate to get their rental money any way possible. They have not overseen their properties and have allowed them to become blighted, run-down and have violated our city ordinances.

City commissions were devising every method imaginable to raise the tax base, sacrificing single family neighborhoods in their quest for more money, sacrificing regular maintenance of city assets because they did not have the money or needed it for other services. Blight happened. Crime went up. This caused cutbacks in city services including losing the possible control of our beach, the selling out of our waste water, voting to spend multi-millions on our water supply by going to PB County putting a match to the $14 million already spent on our Reverse Osmosis system, as well as outsourcing our very own police force thus dismantling our City and turning it over to the County. They never addressed the true cause, code enforcement. Who wants to invest in Lake Worth when it looks like a Third World country? Name one.

I blame this entirely on management and our City Commissions who have not looked after our City, who have sold us out and a Mayor and two Commissioners who believe that we can’t manage our way out of a wet paper bag and who have given up on Lake Worth.

I suspect that on November 1, we will probably be blitzed with more sheriffs’ vehicles on our city streets in order to make an impression with the people. After that first quarter, it will be back to the same 91 officers we have now. Everything will be the same. Back to normal. Let’s check in one year.

One thing that is a given is that we will be one million dollars poorer after that first year and subsequent years (because they have raises of 7%, 7% and 7.5% built into the Contract) and with the same, identical officers we now have. We will no longer have the infrastructure to ever have our own police department again should this not work out.

Crossing our fingers and hoping for the best is no way to run a city.

L. Anderson


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by LynnA on Thursday, August 28, 2008 @ 13:33:25 EST
(User Info | Send a Message | Journal)

Thank you to Frank who posted on another article about "crossing your fingers." I liked that expression so much, I swiped it for my article above.



by hondalife007 on Thursday, August 28, 2008 @ 13:41:43 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

To be more accurate, don't you mean the give-away of our city rather than the sell-out? the inaccurate comment in todays newspaper is where they said taxes might have to increase. We know taxes will go up. No might about it. Will any businesses be able to afford our city?



by Crystal on Thursday, August 28, 2008 @ 18:57:48 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

I agree with that. More code enforcement is in order. It seems like an impossible venture.



by GregRice on Friday, August 29, 2008 @ 15:46:45 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

I saw your sound bite on WPBF the other night. If you do that a couple of more times you'll be able to get your union card.

We all realize that not everyone wanted PBSO to takeover our police dept. Just like some people didn't mind if the Town of PB pumped sand up on our beach. But I bring to your attention once again that the overwhelming majority of the residents who spoke at the Aug. 4 town meeting spoke in favor of the merger. Even though I know that there where a lot of people there from outside LW the out of towner's didn't speak, the residents who did speak said we've got a problem, we've had a problem for to long, and it's time for a change. Now that the decision has been made let's work together to support our officers in green, green is what everyone seems to want today and since LW wants to be known as a green city our police might as well go green too. Most of the problems we're dealing with today started years ago with elected officials who we hardly ever see around town. We all love LW, and we all have a different vision of what we would like to see LW become. I'm not suggesting you stop advocating for your opinions or concerns, I'm just pointing out that the will of the majority of the people in LW was carried out Tuesday night.



by IronMan1 on Friday, August 29, 2008 @ 20:51:05 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

How do you know the will of the people spoke? Because more spoke in favor of it? Those who spoke want the criminals out of here, even those who were not sure whether the Sheriff was the way to go. Don't you think we should at least know how we are going to fund it before we give away the farm? Shouldn't those questions be answered? Would this not just be responsible government?



by ken11 on Friday, August 29, 2008 @ 21:00:17 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

I,m new to Lake Worth Media and new to the area. But I do notice a large number of hispanics, drunken and wondering the streets. Even in Publix, they just walk around with there hands in there pockets and no shopping carts. I,m sure alot of these immigrants are illegals. I hope mybe the sheriffs can make a difference. I also don,t see this problem in other smaller towns, like Boynton and Delray. Whats there secret to keeping the rif raf off the streets. Thats where you get into the gangs and stealing when you have large groups hanging around. Loitering, I guess is legal in Lake Worth. I bought here last year and love this town, so is there a way to make it, a really nice place to call home? Thanks for your time. Ken11



by Crystal on Friday, August 29, 2008 @ 21:01:53 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

Who wanted Palm Beach to dump sand on our beach? I can't imagine that. Anyway, I am glad that people question things rather than accepting everything blindly. This is a good thing. If more people asked questions and gave these people some challenges, maybe we wouldn't be in such bad shape today. Just a thought.


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