Money Wasted

Lake Worth Utilities
Waste Meter
... for an arc flash study that Mr. Reyes was qualified to do in house and at no cost to taxpayers.
... the estimated engineering cost of the express feeder which could also be done in house at no cost to taxpayers.
... wasted when insurance requirements were circumvented by the city manager and utility director.
... wasted when plant manager Dave Mulvay’s first attempt at writing a scope of work contained a defect that cost taxpayers an extra $123,098 for tainting the bidding process and giving unfair advantage to one bidder over another. - April 2009
... wasted when the Matrix organizational study to save taxpayers money was scrapped in favor of higher cost outsourcing by city manager Stanton.
... wasted engineering design cost of water piping and tanks (original county water deal) that will never be built.
... wasted when additional costs were incurred for not following insurance procedure on transformer repair.
... wasted when the commission unanimously voted to order transformers when we had equivalent replacements already in stock since the upgrade. - 15 Sep. 2009
Total Taxpayer Dollars Wasted:

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  My Thank You to All My Supporters
Posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2009 @ 22:58:18 EST by admin


THANK YOU to all those who supported me in the election. You have helped plant the seeds of future change. In behalf of LWM and William Coakley, we are very proud to have served you and served you well over the past four years… saving the city over 50 million dollars. This is unprecedented across the country.

LWM is a unique creation using its multi media approach and long term focus on issues to solve problems and stop millions in waste. But its primary uniqueness lies in the incorporation of the Democracy Project as an integral part of the site.

The Democracy Project was designed to give you a convenient voice in your government by continually polling public opinion. Quality Control for government …what a unique thought!

With that said, LWM will suspend all operations until further notice as the rigors of spending 24/7 during the past four years has required that I give full attention to resurrecting my business and getting out of debt. It has been a pleasure to serve you and now watch as the seeds of future change planted by LWM will begin to sprout and over take the weeds.

Lake Worth

As I have said, I entered the Mayoral race to make a difference. And to make sure the REAL PROBLEM… was discussed.

It is sad to see the two warring factions competing for control of the city while back at city hall, the public treasury gets picked clean by thieves and robbers who benefit from all the diversionary confusion and intrigue on the streets.

And for that matter, you might ask yourself “…how could the wealthiest nation in the world get its pocket picked clean? We never dreamed it was possible… and yet it happened. And it happened because the media failed in its mission, monitoring failed in its mission and government failed in its mission. But really it happened because thieves were allowed to operate freely within the system just as they are in Lake Worth. This commission majority KNOWS that the utility director has lied to the public and has stolen from the people... but they go along with what their respective factions want which in this case, is what the city manager wants.

But in Lake Worth, the overt thievery of millions of dollars of your money was reported to you on LWM… but in the end, both controlling factions in this city are so dysfunctional and centered on only their agendas... that they only gave corruption a passing acknowledgment as one side was guilty of its commission majority KNOWINGLY cooperating with thieves …while the other faction was too preoccupied with making sure they weren’t seen adopting anything Bill Coakley was saying.

So each forum, I reiterated the same message to make sure everyone had a very clear understanding of the circumstances which fulfills the mission of LWM and William Coakley as your utility board chairman.

The auditor reported 2 million in cash missing. And there’s that nagging 4 million missing from the water bond. There’s the 5 million lost in the electric upgrade and the 8 million shortage in the sewer fund. In these economic times why did the CRA director encourage the board of a bankrupt Lake Worth to throw a half million dollars at Publix, one of the wealthiest food chains in the country. And there’s the 2 million never collected from the carnival signs which blight I-95.

So how long before we really go bankrupt? Or more importantly, when will the two factions in Lake Worth realize that survival doesn’t depend on how many organic food stores there are in Lake Worth, or how many new condos will be built to expand the taxbase. Maybe they will learn that survival doesn’t depend on making campaign promises that no one keeps… it depends on stopping the body from bleeding out right next to you rather than talking about how you want to decorate the room.

We are already bankrupt as a city! And when you get the bill next year, you will agree. But it will be too late then. The only reason we haven’t completely defaulted is because the politicians and city management keep artificially raising your utility rates to cover the deficit. And they find every fee they can so they can raise those too …making us even less competitive and less attractive to outsiders than we are now.

And doing this, they refuse to acknowledge their considerable contribution to the wasted millions that every year accrues for taxpayers to pay for. One thing is certain; they will keep wasting millions each year until they are thrown out. But wait… uhm, they just got re-elected!

We know this is no accident, nor is it the result of incompetence. The only surprising thing is that the commission majority, city manager, plant manager, and utility director haven’t apologized for stealing this money. But don’t hold your breath for that apology.

Normally, their actions would go totally unnoticed but with LWM in the mix… they were outed. So now they’re just hoping that this willful and deliberate channeling of money out of the city will be long forgotten by the time the election is decided during the runoff. So they pretend it never happened and a sleepy headed public who haven't caught on to the blatant robbery of their money… goes snoring along unaware of the thief in the house.

LWM didn’t post a waste clock for nothing. It is a message of impending disaster … to make sure that you know you’re being ripped off by your present commission who are going along with the city manager who is going along with the utility director and the plant manager.

The election

You have probably heard that unless you are supported by Cavers or Pavers, you can’t get elected in Lake Worth. I refuse to be controlled by anyone… so that’s a problem for me. So we took a new approach to campaigning by going over the heads of both factions and trying to reach the sleeping giant …hoping to wake up the 13,000 voters that don’t vote in Lake Worth elections. No one knew if this idea would work or not… not even Professor Bickers from the University of Colorado.

So we invested in TV advertising since we didn’t have money enough for even a small mailer. I’ve always said, “if you don’t have the right tool… use the one you got.” There were no volunteers for anything, no donations, and a message had to be delivered so this became the first ever local election where a candidate conducted his whole campaign on TV ads and candidate forums. Would it work?? No one knew.

Well, we now know that it doesn’t work which means… that elections will continue being controlled by a few people who control political machines and the voters who are directly part of those networks ie: Cavers and Pavers. And it is these very circumstances that keep the city in a perpetual loop of dysfunctionality… a sad but very predictable circumstance that will likely continue without remedy.


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Re: (Score: 1)
by Conservative on Thursday, November 05, 2009 @ 22:12:30 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)

Bill, you've put up a good show.

The people in Lake Worth don't know what they've lost, and I'm sure they will one day realize this.

You've always told it like it is, and you've never sugar coated it either.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do from here on out.


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