Buyer beware - CARMAX/ARRIGO
Date: Friday, November 30, 2007 @ 08:21:35 EST
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BUYER BEWARE - CARMAX & Arrigo Dodge/Jeep Stealership

This is a two fold problem, so let's see just what happened so you won't make the same mistake with either company. Above is the bill to replace 4 brake rotors which were "out of spec" according to Arrigo mechanics.

The 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee (26,000 miles) was purchased from CarMax in April for $20,000+. CARMAX advertizements say they check everything to make sure it's to specifications... safety systems such as brakes receiving special attention. The salesman told the customer that "the brakes are new" and even asked for the car back at one point to "touch them up a bit." But in fact, it was only the BRAKE PADS that were new. At first everything was fine but after 6 months, the car began pulsating when the brakes were applied. This was a potentially dangerous situation that reduced the effectiveness of the brakes. The owner had purchased an extended warranty and was certain that the problem would be fixed under warranty.

Previously, the car's engine warning light had flashed and CARMAX told the owner that only a Jeep dealer (Arrigo) could deal with that problem. Turns out the warning was bogus and the dealer reset the computer. So at this point, the owner made arrangements to get the brake work done at ARRIGO... the first mistake, as you can see by the outrageous prices charged for service. It has often been said that new cars are not where dealers make money, it's on the service.

But if we believe ARRIGO mechanics, the real deception came from CARMAX who failed to live up to their stated standards of thoroughly going over the car and replacing the rotors. However, it doesn't seem normal that rotors are too thin at 36,000 miles. If they were too thin, then they must have been turned at least twice which seems unlikely. Either way the owner was at risk perhaps to save a few bucks. CARMAX said they were not bound to provide any credit toward the brake job, admitting that ARRIGO DODGE/JEEP prices were well beyond reasonable. And further, they said they would have done the same job for much less.


If you buy from CARMAX, beware... paying top dollar for a clean looking car might still cost you nearly a thousand dollars 6 months down the road... extended warranty or not... IF you take it to a dealer to have it serviced. Either way it appears that CARMAX missed something they should have known about. In this case, the safety of the vehicle may be limited to this one car... but maybe not. Regardless of circumstances, the brakes needed fixing and they shouldn't have.

And of course, unless you want to hear that ripping sound from your wallet, don't get your car serviced at the Arrigo Stealership.

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