Mona Vie, vertical market scam or fountain of youth?
Date: Friday, January 25, 2008 @ 15:09:46 EST
Topic: Consumer Info

Mona Vie - snake oil or fountain of youth?

Always keep in mind that vertical/pyramid markets are extremely lucrative business opportunities with a serious downside... greed usually overwhelms common sense. 

We decided to try out this "miracle health drink" to see if it worked as claimed.  Of course the claims are diverse and seem to depend more on what health problems you talk about with whoever is trying to hook you into the scheme.  At $35 dollars a bottle we found little if any health improvement after more than six months of regular use.  With that kind of inflated price tag and no health benefit, we reluctantly (we kept thinking something good would happen) decided to discontinue spending a fortune on what we think is just another drink of some sort.

Perhaps the best way to view it locally, is to travel down to the Lantana Lutheran church and see the half million dollar fancy bus paid for by this vertical market scheme.  Unfortunately for the more business minded folks, all the upstream profit making positions have long been filled by the "Black Diamond" group and the individuals trying to sell it to you are just looking for you to provide downstream revenue for their pockets.

So buyer beware... our experience though limited, is shared by many more and by the way... if you haven't already bought your $40.00 introduction package... we have one you can buy for half that and its unopened.  We were only interested in the health benefit of Mona Vie and never had any interest in hustling a vertical market scheme.

Perhaps there's a reason this product never became part of health store or super market inventory.  Think about it.

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