Comcast - good speed when it works, lousy service
Date: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 @ 01:50:54 EST
Topic: Consumer Info

COMCAST - lousy service

"It's way faster than DSL..." yes, there is truth in advertizing and you pay more for that speed by the way.  We purchased the ultimate super charged premium service which costs about $73 dollars a month and Comcast has been improving its speed.  But why pay for the premium service when someone on the $47 dollar plan is downloading faster and has the same upload speed?  But that's only part of the problem recently experienced with Comcast performance and service.

For some reason the download speed dropped to a little above a 56k modem one day and a speed test determined that my upload speed was faster than my download speed.  Since this was the third time this had happened, I was noticeably irrate when they accused my system of being the problem.  I was tired of ripping it apart but when they offered to send a tech out the next day, I agreed.  The problem was not my system, not the modem, it was the Comcast circuit I was on.

Without typing a book, it's now six days later and still nothing is fixed.  I was told that Comcast doesn't work on weekends; that they would be out Monday (they never showed), I was told I was next in line to get service and they never called or showed up and so if you want reliable Internet service and Comcast has a problem with their circuits... you might be a long week without what they guarantee... "you should always be surfing at broadband speeds."  I'm still down around 56k modem land and its been seven days.

NOTE: the actual time down with the slow speed was 10 days before Comcast fixed the problem.

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