Geniuses at work - where's the sign?
Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 @ 09:03:22 EST
Topic: Geniuses at Work

Geniuses at work - Where's the "for sale" sign?

Mr Faried’s house - did he really try to sell it... did anyone check?

NEW - from the record - Samy's undocumented expenditure problems with Lee County

Taxpayers paid Mr Faried $8,000 to move into the city of Lake Worth over a year ago. He was supposed to have a Bonafide permanent residence here. He was given 6 months to comply. Instead, Mr Faried took the $8,000 and spent it on moving to Boynton Beach. On February 19th, Mr Faried’s contract was brought to the attention of the city staff who had neglected to enforce it.

Mr Faried decided to appeal and have the rules changed allowing him more time to "sell his house" which he held was the reason he had failed to comply with his contract obligations. He blamed a “severely depressed market” and needed "more time" to sell his house.

So the logical question is: did Mr Faried present any evidence to verify his claim? Answer: no. Did he ever try to sell his house in the first place? And if he didn’t ...should he be rewarded by giving him more time to deceive the public and the commission? Here is the information that could have been easily gathered by anyone:

Local (Alva) Remax and other realtor agents dilgently probed the MLS listings and couldn’t find a single instance where 14160 was listed anytime during the past year. Two calls to “Buy Owner” (owners pay extra for MLS listing so you have to check here) revealed 14160 had not been listed during the past year by their company. So that only leaves that maybe Mr Faried listed it himself with an ad in the paper, but he didn’t present any evidence of that; in fact, he presented no evidence of anything perhaps because it doesn’t exist.

The record shows he owns 14 condos in Fort Meyers, but none of those have been for sale during the past year. Mr Faried admitted that his official residence is still 14160 Duke Hwy in Alva. He is also homesteaded there yet claims he is "diligently" seeking to sell his house so he can move to LW.

The pictures show that there is no “for sale” sign in Mr Faried’s front yard but the house next door (to the east) 14180 Duke Hwy has one.

So why did the mayor, Vespo and Jennings defend Mr Faried when no one checked to see if Mr Faried was telling the truth? Mr Faried said in writing that he couldn’t sell his house when the record shows he never even tried. Commissioner Jennings was even willing to change the rules just for Mr Faried. And Vespo and the mayor in usual form, proceeded on impulse and with absolutely NO information, no research to verify anything… and even criticized commissioner Golden for checking out Mr Faried’s claim.

So the issue was cleverly manipulated from “this guy broke his contract, misappropriated city money and is deceiving the commission…” to “let’s change the rules and give him a break so we can keep him.” These are your geniuses at work.  [All pics are hi res and expandable]

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