Herald editorial wrong on some points
Date: Thursday, April 17, 2008 @ 09:57:31 EST
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HERALD editorial scrambled on some points

Commentary on Commentary: LW HERALD page 6 April 17, 2008 "No Sad Songs for defunct RO"

In addition to claiming that LW hasn’t managed it’s assets well… which I agree with and there is a way of fixing that… the commentary made accusations concerning commissioner Golden not doing her own homework, presented incorrect information on DEP permitting, and made statements about deep well injection that are incorrect.

First, the accusation against commissioner Golden. I called commissioner Golden to see how she determined that Lake Worth could easily have gotten a deep well permit. Turns out she did her OWN homework and spoke to a gentleman who is the head of deep well permitting… Joe Maye. 

Next the commenter incorrectly believes that the discharge into deep wells “percolates up and down” and is therefore environmentally harmful. Either the commenter didn’t know what a deep well is or they got the wrong type of well since there is a well established very thick geological formation defined as a NON-PERMEABLE CONFINEMENT LAYER that resides above all deep wells. This non permeable layer will easily keep the discharge from percolating anywhere but laterally 3,000 feet down. So the next statement made by the commenter that “sooner or later, the concentrate with all its minerals will seep into our own aquifers and pollute all the drinking water…” is totally wrong.

As for the county option being less expensive, it appears that the commenter made the assumption that the grossly inflated price Mock Roos submitted was correct. The so called ten million savings with the county water over thirty years…? The Mock Roos price is over ten million too high on the RO. With the correct price we could have saved ten million NOW and kept the interest on ten million over 30 years, maintained control over our water resources instead of having the county choke our water allocation during restrictions, and we would actually have equity in something rather than spending the same money and having nothing but some unusable pipe in the ground and a water storage tank we can't use.

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