Go Daddy Web Hosting... is it what they say?
Date: Saturday, May 03, 2008 @ 09:00:18 EST
Topic: Consumer Info

Go Daddy Web Hosting... is it as good as they say?

High site downtime, server down, slow server, 20 minute waits for tech support are serious indications Go Daddy is not what it used to be.  Having had a good experience with Go Daddy from years ago (immediate tech support, site always up, fast working site, I recommended Go Daddy to many friends), in March of 2007, I placed a new site on Go Daddy and at first everything went well. But after 6 months with a few major problems like not being able to upload/download anything to my site for 8 hours… other more serious problems arose causing clients to call with complaints of a slow or non working site. This is truly embarrassing for any site owner. Go Daddy performance claims weren’t adding up.

After months of complaining and wasting my time on the phone with techs who tried to blame my site for the problem a new approach was offered… that I spend more money. It’s the old “bait and switch” saying that my site needed a dedicated server (most sites are shared hosting) and for 5 times more than I’m paying now, I could solve the problem. They ignored my response which was: "How could the site work so well for 6 months and then suddenly it's slow or not working at all?"

The problem is overloaded Go Daddy infrastructure. They have crammed so many customers onto shared servers that sometimes the limited bandwidth of a single server can’t handle it and it slows performance; especially when someone has figured out a way to hog more bandwidth or a server has a long term problem.

Finally a month ago, I complained to a supervisor who said the only way to fix the problem was that I had to move my site to a different server. That’s right… instead of fixing the problem, shift the burden on the customer to fix it. That would have cost me about $75.00 and there was no guarantee that the problem would be resolved.

Oddly enough, shortly after this call, the problem mysteriously disappeared for a month. Someone fixed the problem. But now as of May 3rd, 08, the problem is back but seems time limited to about ten minutes or less… just enough for clients to complain and make the site look bad.

So if you want to take a chance that your site might end up like mine and you don’t mind the embarrassment, or spending twenty minutes waiting for tech support, and don’t mind spending more money to solve problems that are not yours… then by all means, have at it. But if you like getting your work done, not spending time fixing someone else’s problems… then consider another provider. There are plenty who are eager to provide you good service.

Beware of Earthlink who offers a special competitive deal but they don't tell you after a limited time (90 days I think) that the price doubles. There's plenty of rip offs on the net so be careful. IPower was recommended to me by a friend who has had a long term pleasant experience with them.

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