Black & White
Date: Wednesday, September 03, 2008 @ 07:18:46 EST
Topic: Opinion

Black and White

It really was one side against the other last night at City Hall regarding the vote of a Resource Center for illegal aliens at our shuffleboard Court. Those who voted it in, saying it was going to solve the loitering problem of day laborers on our city streets, were Commissioner Jennings, Golden and the swing vote, Mayor Clemens. The two who spoke from the CRA were only upset because they were never consulted and were the only two who did not take a position. Chairs of all major Boards were not present. I saw few Presidents of Homeowner’s Associations. This really is politics at its best or at its worst, take your pick, black and white.

The Mayor even went so far as to stretch his reason for the Center by saying he wanted the streets cleaned up for the business owners on Lake and Lucerne. What he meant to say was the streets cleaned up for Mr. and Mrs. George. The rest of the businesses cater to the illegals on that side of town so I doubt if they had any clout in the Mayor’s assessment. Commissioner Golden was totally silent throughout the process. Commissioner Vespo voted no because of zoning but was for the concept of a hiring center.

All had their minds made up before coming into the chamber but the Mayor allowed everyone to speak, even a professed illegal (who asked me after taking a photo of Chief Blockson why I didn’t take a shot of the little kids accepting an award as if that was some sort of social discriminating act) appearing to bend over backwards to do so, taking comment cards during public participation on the topic, something normally not allowed by him. He asked a couple of people where they lived, jotting it down in his notes as if to say, “Well, you don’t even live here. What do you know?” He never asked if someone was illegal? He will now be able to say that he allowed the people to speak, staying there 4 hours to do so.

Mayor Clemens was the most powerful person on the dais last night. He knew it. It did show through. He knew how he was voting before he took his seat as did they all--The legal Americans who will now have to live with the consequences of a sanctuary city and those footing this bill be damned. If anything should have been voted upon in this city, it was that.

L. Anderson

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