Date: Sunday, September 07, 2008 @ 10:53:23 EST
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Champion tree in District 2

To set the record straight --I am not campaigning for nor am I endorsing anyone in District 2 at this time. Every candidate brings something positive to the table, however.

Cara Jennings has voted my thinking 90% of the time. Her recent advocacy on turning over the Shuffleboard Court to the illegals totally fills up that remaining 10%. I have already expressed my opinion on this vote. Because I took the opposite stand on this important issue that not only affects our City but condones an illegal act, there are Cara supporters who are calling me a racist, a Nazi, and the worse names in the book

The night of the vote was the absolute turning point for me because of the supposed peace keepers in the chamber who were hateful, rude, and arrogant and had thrown democracy right down the toilet—those who always believed in the rights of the people to be heard. Because I don’t think their way, I am told that I am uniformed and consumed by “fear.” Bull. They have gone so far as to call Candidate Varela’s home twice now with threats—one when his wife answered the phone and the second call just the other day when his mother answered. They don’t even have the guts to talk to the candidate personally.

Mary Lindsey is smart as well. I like her enthusiasm, her love for the city and the fact that she will be able to devote the necessary time that it takes to be a Commissioner. She voted and championed against issues important to me and in my opinion, for the greater good of Lake Worth: the Supermajority (and if that had passed, we would not be looking at an illegal labor center right now), turning over our beach to Greater Bay LLC for a period of over 20 years, (and if the Supermajority had passed we would not be in two law suits right now) and merging our own police department into the Sheriff’s Department causing this city untold financial damage. Mary is married to the Unions, something that I believe has destroyed our city by their greed and horrible, one-sided contracts and unwillingness to compromise. She did take a stand against this illegal center and rightfully so.

John Jordan says all the things I basically believe: wants us to keep the beach a beach and refurbish it ourselves, wants to stop the outsourcing, wants to get out of FMPA, wants to end the waste and he was for the Supermajority. John loves this city as do the other two candidates.

Personally, I have a big dilemma as to whom I will vote for in District 2. On one hand, as Katie attested, we have someone who wants to “give away our beach and another who wants to give away our country.” We know that the labor center is illegal per national law. The beach may be proven to be illegal in a Court of Law. Two illegal acts.

Who would you vote for to stay true to your beliefs? That’s the dilemma. And that is why I am not supporting any candidate in District 2 at this time. Often times it all comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils. Compromise is the nature of elections and it is also what will bring our city together. I might not know until I get into the voting booth on November 4.

L. Anderson

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