Leadership is Raising the Bar
Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 @ 05:52:56 EST
Topic: Opinion


And that’s what Commissioner Jennings TRIED to do last night when she introduced, once again, a Policy on Ethics specifically targeted at campaign contributions from those doing contract work with the City of Lake Worth. And, once again, Commissioners Lowe, Vespo and the Mayor knocked it down.

The limitation of campaign donations from companies giving multiple contributions to candidates is just and very much needed in Lake Worth. To get the government we all deserve here means that the elected commissioners meet the rising public expectations with higher, very much not business-as-usual policy goals and approaches. And only a steadily rising bar can meet Lake Worth’s needs.

We have a Commissioner who accepted campaign contributions from a company doing business in Lake Worth and that company gave $500 donations from each of his sister companies for a total of $3,500. Then he came before the Commissioner for a contract to do business with us, not only one contract but then he came back again and won another. Who is to say that his services were not worthy? Whether or not there was Pay to Play is unknown but perception is reality. Take away the incentive for corruption and we will get a better government, one that we deserve.

Although Commissioner Vespo said that the proposed Ordinance “reeked with politics,” the only Commissioners playing politics last night were Mayor Clemens, Commissioner Lowe and Commissioner Vespo.

Just how important are ethics in Lake Worth? As the vote indicated last night, raising the bar and taking leadership was only important to two commissioners, Jennings and Golden.

L. Anderson

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