It's time for a change!
Date: Friday, September 26, 2008 @ 07:35:02 EST
Topic: Opinion

It’s time for a change

As our country’s economy crumbles, so does Lake Worth’s. The same things afflicting Washington and our U.S. corporations have been our problem right here at home—WASTE and GREED. It is time for a change.

Now we have a sitting commissioner, David Vespo, who is taking credit for saving the City over $2 mil because the City FINALLY went out to bid on a contract, something citizens have been talking about for the last two and one half years. The Commission never listened and sat there stone faced as we spoke about them always waiving bidding on the majority of contracts that came before them. Many people spoke out on it. I did.

We have corporate CEO’s getting millions in severance packages, the very same people who are responsible for the state of our economy. We reward those who are responsible as we the people suffer their former decisions. Merrill Lynch’s CEO left with 46.4 million and now estimated to be as high as 66 million as the company lost over 17 billion dollars…dollars belonging to the working stiff, you and me. At Wachovia, where I oversee four accounts, its CEO bought a mortgage lender for $25 billion and then he bailed out with a $5 mil severance. Our own police chief’s job is eliminated, but he still manages to receive $289 thousand in a severance.

Boards of Directors (and our City Commission is just that) need and must change its ways. They are responsible to the people who buy into that corporation, not to the CEO’s of the world….same thing with our City…commissioners who are responsible to only the people who elect them into office. They must stop the waste. They must send contracts out to bid. They must negotiate with the Unions and all people wanting to do business with the City. The must read and understand contracts before signing them. We need a city attorney who can give correct advice before we get into trouble. We need top staff to give the Commission the correct information, not false or incomplete data. Again--We must have Commissioners doing the job they were elected to do.

We are in the state we are in because of no leadership and those people in office who have fallen down on the job. People have suffered because of their lack of oversight. It is time for a change.

L. Anderson

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