Sophia's Poem -Thanksgiving
Date: Friday, November 28, 2008 @ 17:59:12 EST
Topic: State and National

My Poem

by Sophia Rodriguez


I am from ice cream, candy and sweets from everywhere around the world

I am from Cuban music and dancing every holiday season

I am from two different sides of this small world

I am from " One glass half full not half empty"

I am from Florida and California with many different places to come

I am from wise and wisdom, which defines my name, bursting ideas and

I am from food, any type, any time of the day

I am from immigration from two sides of the Atlantic blue sea

I am from Rodriguez and Harlow, both sides I love

I am from singing and acting every day of my life

I am from my mom and dad who gave me a chance live my own life

Hope You Like It !

Among her many interests, Sophia loves performing... she sings, plays a little piano and loves cameras and stage action

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