The Price of Progress
Date: Sunday, December 14, 2008 @ 19:26:20 EST
Topic: Editorials

By Christopher Cullen

Now that the Lake Worth CRA board has voted in favor of a 10% increase in pay for the CRA Director Joan Oliva, there is no better time to point out that, except for one dissenting vote, all were snookered by Ms. Oliva’s argument that her present $100,000 salary is well below the average of CRA directors in other South Florida cities.

Unfortunately, at $100,000 per year, Lake Worth taxpayers are already paying a higher than average per capita rate for Ms. Oliva’s services:

Apparently a majority of the CRA board needs to review the merits of relying on individual due diligence -- lest they risk spawning jokes about how many board members it takes to change a light bulb.


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