Date: Thursday, July 12, 2007 @ 08:34:20 EST
Topic: State and National

In response to Tony Plakas’ letter to the Sentinel editor July 10th 2007

What confuses most people about Mr Plakas, is how someone without any study on a complex subject, could shun his public duty and so ardently uphold only the staff view of things. He was so sucked-up to staff that he consistently refused to accept, consider or investigate any challenging information whatsoever. And his preoccupation with removing the Chairman convinced many that some incentive had been presented to him, to lure him into such disgraceful and disingenuous public conduct.

His stellar performance can be best summarized in his own crystal clear statement that:

“we shouldn’t be setting goals for our professional staff… we should be asking them what we should be doing.”

That's right he didn't want any investigating just let the fox guard the chickens. And this of course was referring to the same staff where we had a phony engineer; a utility director who agreed with Tony that 150% cost overruns shouldn’t stop us from blowing another 11 million tax payer dollars, and a corrupt city manager who may have struck a deal with Tony to swing him a city building for Compass if he (Tony) would disrupt and discredit the Chairman’s investigation which was honing in on city corruption.

Either way, his views are his opinions and he is welcome to them. In my view, the old farmer story about the Jack-Ass is applicable here. When the farmer’s son was kicked by a Jack Ass, the boy’s temper raged as he looked for something to clobber the animal with. His father seeing this grabbed the boy and said, “why are you going to hit the Jack Ass?” The boy responded saying, the Jack Ass had kicked him for no reason. The farmer looked at his son with a reassuring grin on his face and said: “why should you be offended… consider the source.”

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