Why is there no Palestinian state?
Date: Friday, March 20, 2009 @ 11:30:32 EST
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Why is there is no Palestinian state?

The historical record shows that the Palestinians were promised a state in 1920. The western Christian democracies (League of Nations) had recognized the people of Palestine who had been living in the area of what is now Israel, Palestine and parts of Jordan as being an advanced civilization sufficiently matured and ready to assume their equal status among the nations of the world.

The idea was that the more advanced western nations were to assume the obligation of stewardship to assist the people of Palestine administratively to achieve the blessings of Liberty and self determination… those inalienable rights that we so actively promote throughout the world. This obligation was even defined as “a sacred trust of civilization.”

All this had come about as a guarantee by the western Christian democracies (the winning side, particularly Britain and France) in consideration of the help provided by the people of Palestine toward winning WWI against Germany and Turkey.

But at the same time, and unknown to the people of Palestine; the western powers under the leadership of Britain had promised the Jewish people “a homeland” on the land that the people of Palestine had been living on for over a thousand years.

So if all this is true… how come after nearly a century, there is still no Palestinian state and another state… Israel, exists on most of the land promised by the western powers to the people of Palestine?

Now we have finally gotten to the heart of the middle east problem, the roots of terrorism, and why there is constant and unending turmoil in a land that prior to 1920 was a pretty peaceful pro-American land. And regardless of all the tangled, confusing and overly complicated explanations of books and articles on the subject… the one penetrating question that has never been addressed by the western media and the very question that summarizes the entire problem is this:

“Did we really expect Peace to be the result of taking land from one people and giving it to another people of our choosing?”

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