Why I want to be a Strong Mayor
Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 @ 06:39:12 EST
Topic: Lake Worth

Why I want to be a Strong Mayor

Here is what I see for Lake Worth… the potential for greatness and the reestablishment of its preeminence as the Jewel of the Gold Coast. But what’s the reality? The reality is… left on its current path; Lake Worth will never achieve more than it has become …which to most residents is not acceptable given its potential.

The problem has been the lack of leadership and management to move Lake Worth anywhere. Commission after commission is elected, reelected, tossed out, turned over and recycled again. City management has followed the same course but at a much slower pace. So each election year, hopes are raised, the same slogans repeated, and each time we end up with “more of the same” government that increasingly becomes more out of control, less open, less transparent, more vicious, more wasteful, less responsive, less efficient and completely without accountability. And this, despite all the good intentions of many candidates.

It makes little difference whether it’s the “progressives” (whatever that means) or the traditionals that are in power, guided by staff, they keep raising rates so they can spend more money… squandering the surplus on foolish and mindless ventures with consultants, contractors and outsiders who benefit while residents continue to pay the tab in the form of the highest cost of living anywhere around.

How long can people endure this endless assault on their pocket books and wallets and still want to live in a city that charges them more for everything and consistently delivers less?

The one complaint most commonly heard from residents is “where is the accountability for anything?” Presently, that accountability is shared among our five member commission that takes years to vote in or out of office. So grid lock continues as competing factions war for power.

So what’s the solution to all this? Well, how about a return to democratic government with its separation of powers? Imagine the confusion and political intrigue if the House and Senate appointed the President of the United States. So why is it any different for Lake Worth? We elect a legislative body who in turn appoints a Chief Executive and it quickly evolves into an appointed government within a government that has no direct accountability to the people. And then we wonder why we see corruption, waste, grid lock, and political meddling by the city manager.

So it boils down to the missing checks and balances necessary for good government and the question is “who is going to be the Chief Executive of the city corporation?” Is it a non-elected appointed bureaucrat beyond the reach of the people’s vote, or is it an elected Chief Executive directly accountable to the people?

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