Candidate forum at Organic Music Cafe
Date: Friday, October 02, 2009 @ 05:03:43 EST
Topic: Lake Worth

Last night's meeting at the Organic Music Cafe

October 1st 2009 - Last night’s meeting at the Organic Music Café located at 4th Ave N and Dixie focused on environmental issues concerning Lake Worth. But only one of the two faction's candidates showed up. The other faction’s candidates including mayoral candidates: Loretta Sharpe, Rene Valera, John Jordan, and commissioner candidates Scot Maxwell and Wes Blackman did not attend.

According to reports, they did not feel the Palm Beach County Environment Coalition, who was hosting the event, was a legitimate organization. A representative of the group said the coalition "...was little more than the political tool of commissioner Jennings who had used it to protest in front of the Israeli embassy and various FPL events in which members of the Coalition had been arrested."

Present at the meeting were mayoral candidates: Javier Del Sol, Laurence McNamara, William Coakley (not supported by either faction) and commissioner candidates Ron Exline and Jo Ann Golden. Questions coming from the audience covered the use of plastic bags, fertilizing lawns, natural food stores, use of pesticides, racial themes, immigrant rights, treatment of animals and helping others.

Commissioner Golden stated that she would like to follow San Franciso’s example and ban the use of all plastic bags in Lake Worth including bio-degradable ones. Javier Del Sol was concerned about how there used to be more natural food stores in Lake Worth stating that he was a vegetarian.

The statement receiving the most applause came from Jo Ann Golden when she announced that Stag horn coral had been found off the coast.

There were no questions or discussions concerning major election issues such as: honesty in government, accountability and ethics of city leadership, the budget, corruption, waste, crime, blight, overtaxation, empty stores downtown …etc.

So it appears the missing candidates may have chosen well not to attend since the Café was also packed with campaign organizers, strategy people, campaign managers and block directors from the Cara Jenning’s faction. LWM noted only 3 to 4 of the 30 to 40 people who attended were not associated with the Jenning’s group. Evidence of booby trapping appeared with a totally tasteless question read out loud despite Mr Varela's absence. It suggested that he used his veterinarian knowledge and work with Dolphins to capture and sell Dolphins to Zoos.

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