Why Sarah Palin is unfit for office
Date: Friday, November 20, 2009 @ 11:17:44 EST
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Why Sarah Palin is unfit for office

Recently in an interview with Barbara Walters, Sarah Palin was asked about the middle east problem and whether or not she would favor expanding settlements in the Palestinian areas. A bouncy Palin instantly responded that she definitely would support it and indicated that it was the right thing to do. Walters somewhat puzzled by the callous response asked her again and Palin offered the same enthusiastic response.

Now if there ever was any doubt that she is unfit for office… this makes it quite clear why. With the agenda of the Christian right prioritizing her political views with biblical verses incorrectly interpreted as God’s will that Israel should take over all of Palestine; she has made herself the Queen of ditzy and dangerous politicians who would be quite willing to take actions that would encourage the fulfillment of all biblical prophecy (as she sees it) without a thought about the consequences for humanity.

In fact, this is pretty much how the entire middle east problem was created by the British. Religious fanatics of the twenties saw an opportunity to be God’s good little helpers and supported taking ancestral land away from one people (Palestinians) and giving it to another people of their choosing.

It didn’t matter that the land was the ancestral homeland of the Palestinian people… it only mattered that biblical verse could be interpreted and used to back what they thought God wanted. How many times throughout history are we going to repeat this mistake?

The difference here is that this move in 1917 by the British foreign minister Lord Balfour was a blatant violation of British promises made to the people of Palestine. Mr Balfour knowingly led the British people into violating what they had deemed “a sacred trust of civilization” in which the Palestinian people were guaranteed the right of Liberty, Freedom and Independence so they could take their rightful place among the nations. They were promised a state.

The denial of those sacred rights to this day… is why terrorism exists and there is no other reason. And it took nearly a century of suppressing those sacred rights to foment the most vicious and aggressive war of terrorism against the west in which we are now engaged. Those rights are the very rights that we cherish and fight for pledging our lives, our liberty and our sacred honor to uphold.

That these rights were violated and suppressed by western Christian democracies and not by monarchies, not by dictators, and not by communists… has left a stain on democratic forms of government as well as making it even more clear how inherent and necessary these unalienable these rights are for human survival… making them worth fighting for.

Let me be clear… this is in no way a statement that Israel should not exist, or that it was wrong to create a homeland for the Jewish people in 1917. It is only an explanation of how terrorism was nurtured and encouraged by the same insensitivities and ignorance that Sarah Palin so aptly expressed in her interview.

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