Date: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 @ 13:48:28 EST
Topic: Consumer Info


If you haven't checked the price of leaving your car at PBI... check again. The rate is $12/day and short term parking $16/day.

We recently took a a trip to NC and left the car for 6 days. We had no idea the fee had gone that high. When we got to the airport, it said LONG TERM PARKING FULL and we then followed the signs to the PARK AND RIDE section. That led directly to the SHORT TERM PARKING where we didn't have ten minutes to travel over to a remote parking lot and another 15 minutes to wait for a tram. So we called the Department of Airports to see if they could do something. Of course, they were delighted to insist on collecting $112 dollars for the 6 days our car was there. No mercy.


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