Helicopter pilots behaving badly
Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 23:53:41 EST
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The video on the following page is just a random day out of many and shows what it's like not knowing when the next assault on your neighborhood and your home will occur... an assault on your concentration, your peace of mind, the peaceful enjoyment of your property, your health and safety, and on your quality of life. And no one knows how long the assault from the air will last, or at what moment it will return or cease.

When the lead instructor for Palm Beach Helicopters was presented with a reading of the voluntary NOISE ABATEMENT PROCEDURES designed to give the public relief... he scoffed at the idea and called them "ridiculous" right in front of his boss... which shows the top down widespread contempt for any cooperation that might give the public relief. That is why some observers believe that it's the training schools that have given helicopters such a negative world wide image.

After reviewing this video, one instuctor commented "...some schools are creating an exaggerated "entitlement mentality" that results in what you see in the video."

This video is a good example of how living under this tyranny adversely affects lifestyle and quality of life. We scheduled a session to shoot an intro for the new website that isn't up yet. Instead of doing it in the studio, we decided to set up outside with the airport in the background.

As soon as we began shooting some scratch takes...out pops a helicopter from a training school and now our session has to be canceled, relocated and/or rescheduled all because... after ten years, government can't get their own tenants on a publicly owned airport to comply with the principles of common decency and respect for others… principles that they themselves (DOA) put into writing as a formal request of the tenants/school operators.

For ten years, the county has tried to gain compliance from these tenants/operaters with no success... and 'business as usua'l continues because there are no consequences for non compliance... never has been. So the misbehaving child keeps pushing the edge of tolerance ever further and further.

And by the way, this is after three months of good faith efforts trying to get the training schools to comply with the published procedures. As you can see, tenants/operators, instructors and students all share a common contempt for these procedures which promised the public some relief from the bombardment and assault from the air as you will hear for yourselves.

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