What happened to the man everyone liked?
Date: Friday, May 06, 2011 @ 22:09:11 EST
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What happened to the man everybody liked, the one that got our electric utility running right and got us back on 13.2 kV with some clever moves, and saved us from heavy NERC fines, caught Stanley Consultants shafting the city, stopped waste...


How do you define Justice? Some of us might say… it’s when good triumphs over evil? Others might say… it’s when we cry tears of joy when we see humanity extending itself to help the needy and oppressed?

We all like Justice because it speaks well of humanity when the good guys win and it restores our faith in a God of Justice. That’s why film producers know, there’s no money in movies where the bad guy squashes the heck out of the good guy and the movie ends.

We know Justice when we see it… and it’s no better served than to bring relief to the innocent when they are oppressed because of their good deeds… which is the subject of this article.

The video is a reminder of how an honest and good man that everybody liked was at the peak of his career with a promotion to Department Director and a raise …for saving the city millions of dollars, getting its utility back on the right track, and stopping wasteful spending. His efforts were so appreciated by residents and commissioners that he was publicly praised for an exceptional job well done. But it wouldn’t be long before jealousy and envy would take all those good deeds and the affection of the public, and sweep it into a vicious brew of slander and deviousness on a scale unimaginable even for Lake Worth.

Within a few months, some of the same commission members seen in this video smiling and praising the new hero of Lake Worth …will passively sit by and do nothing as a torrent of evil descends on Mr Reyes because he knows too much.

It all began when a new utility director came to work for the city in October 2008. She may have viewed all this attention and public admiration as a threat to her authority as she proceeded to strip Mr Reyes of his department, his secretary, and engineering staff. She began outsourcing work that Mr Reyes was clearly qualified to do costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenditures. Then she violated his first amendment rights with gag orders, and isolated and vilified him until his reputation was hardly recognizable to a public confused about their new hero.

Finally Mr Reyes had had enough when the the public was put at risk by a security breach into the mainframe computer at the power plant and was ordered by the utility director to lie about it and say it never happened. The utility director then publicly stated that there was no security breach.

At that point, it would have been easy for Mr Reyes to do what most men with a family and successful career would do …but that’s not what honest people do when they’re asked to lie about something potentially dangerous to the public.

Rather than shut up about it Mr Reyes put everything dear to him at risk, his job, income, family, future and everything he’d invested in his education to have a double engineering degree in both electrical and mechanical engineering… and defying the gag order placed on him by the city manager… he and two other top utility employees stepped into history and very publicly “blew the whistle” on the security breach that had put the public at risk. And they exposed the culture of oppression that had attempted to silence them and it all began to sound more like something you’d hear out of Castro’s Cuba than some city in America.

The city manager quickly sprung into damage control reaffirming to the media and the public that no such security breach occurred. She hired a self proclaimed computer expert who knew nothing about utility software languages and had no background in power delivery systems. He rendered opinions on matters he knew nothing about and didn’t know he wasn’t even looking at the right materials.

The city manager pushed so hard on the newly hired Sheriff’s department that a befuddled detective mistakenly left a message requesting Mr Reyes come in and answer questions about a criminal case making it clear that Mr Reyes could be interrogated as a suspect! Of course, the Sheriff’s department was also unqualified to make any determination as to what had happened but they did the expedient thing and aligned themselves with the city.

By this time, the city manager was viciously throwing everything she could at destroying and discrediting Mr Reyes’ integrity and honesty and with a Sheriff in full uniform at her side she publicly announced that the city had conducted an investigation and determined that the three top utility employees were lying.

As luck would have it, it leaked out that no one in the utility staff knew anything about an investigation. So it was no wonder when a records request was made for any documents, memos, records of interviews, lists of interviewees, emails, notes of meetings, minutes of meetings, or phone records was made… it turned out there wasn’t one single piece of paper showing anything was ever investigated. But it was too late, the media had come and gone, saw the officer standing beside the city manager and concluded that the city must be right and never checked the validity of their conclusions with the facts.

Even later when the phony investigation was brought to the attention of Palm Beach Post reporter, Willie Howard… the Post never printed a correction.

Part II – Will discuss the status of the Court Case and why legal observers believe the city will settle out of court at the last minute. LWM will cover what has taken place thus far in the case and how close to trial it is. Plus, observers speculate about mediation.

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