Part IV - Mr Reyes and American Values
Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 @ 20:43:35 EST
Topic: LW Utilities


So make sure you see the video linked on Part I of this story. It is a short and very effective witness to the truth about the city you live in and how it has treated those who refuse to lie to you. It exemplifies how virtue is despised, attacked, slandered, and disposed of. And it shows exactly what is happening in America and why it is becoming more difficult than ever to get honest people into government.

And if what you see and read horrifies you, consider what it has done to the lives, families and futures of these good men who refused to surrender their honor and integrity to those robbing you and your city of its resources. These men spoke out above and beyond their duty and refused to allow your safety and wellbeing to be silently put at risk.

They exposed a culture of deceit and corruption which should prompt citizens to ask themselves some pretty serious questions about their election choices and why those choices abandoned the one man who was saving the city millions in waste, when it became politically expedient for them to do so.

They should ask why is it that regardless who gets elected, the power structure seems to corrupt the best of intentions to the point that the millions in utility waste that continues to burden taxpayers… is somehow never addressed and quickly becomes a forbidden topic of discussion.

And now with Mr Reyes gone, the people should realize they have no in-house advocate to identify the myriad clever ways of shuffling large chunks of money around until it disappears behind our backs.

This brings up the current trend of overtly requesting large chunks for unnecessary or impossible projects which is alarming because it signals a return to ‘business as usual’ where the abuse of public resources is conducted openly right under commission noses indicating the rate of waste will dramatically increase.

Already we’ve seen 2 million for an unneeded electric feed to the beach, 4 million for a tie line the city knows it can’t get, a bungled ARC FLASH study cost unknown, 4 million missing from the water fund never accounted for, 8 million supposedly never collected on the sewer fund, or electric upgrade costs that are half of what they should be… large chunks of money are being manipulated and put into play without any foundation.

Mr Reyes chose honor and integrity instead of the slipping out the backdoor and leaving the public exposed. Would your elected representatives do the same? In the end, not a single commission member stood up to Susan Stanton or Rebecca Mattey and none even bothered to meet with Mr Reyes to uncover the truth of what happened.

So in the end, Mr Reyes quietly and unknowingly slipped into the politically expendable column and was abandoned by all but his closest friends. So hopefully this message will make you a little more concerned about the corruption within a few miles of your house which is just as perverse, just as evil as any corruption you see on Wall Street.

What Mr Reyes means to you and America

We want better leadership and that starts with honest people guarding the public purse; we want honest people running government… someone who truly works for the people …but see for yourselves what happens to such people. Does that example encourage other honest people to accept the challenge?

I have very personal and vivid experiences in seeing the horror of a very corrupt city staff led by a phony engineer conning the commission and mayor who then got on board and did everything in their power to discredit and slander me for telling the truth about the electric utility. It was unbelievable.

And the smearing, slandering, lying, and conniving was never accounted for nor exposed and corrected. It took five years for everyone to see it for what it was… corruption and stupidity on a level unimaginable to the ordinary person. And in that case too, I was trying and did save the city millions in waste.

Lake Worth has become so dysfunctional and corrupt that ethical conduct is openly targeted as a threat by those who stand to benefit by driving the honest people out of government. We have seen the power of one honest man standing on principle and he was greeted with admiration and love. And we have seen the cowardly and criminal way in which the Benedict Arnolds of this world attempted to deprive Lake Worth of honest leadership and good government for their own benefit.

Mr Reyes has been set adrift to fend for himself and his family while those who plotted his demise still have their jobs, their pensions, and their medical insurance… a chilling reminder of what can happen when honest people confront corruption, malfeasance and incompetence. Hence we are slowly, one event at a time losing our free and enlightened society to a den of thieves.

And we wonder at public apathy toward government. Mr Reyes’ story increases apathy by discouraging hope that anything will ever rid Lake Worth of its demons. Our faith in democratic principles and Justice diminishes… a price we can ill afford. So one by one, the good and honest people are targeted and driven out leaving the recycle bin of municipal sojourners that are constantly shifting from one town to another.

Lake Worth Utilities has become the soap opera of choice for some national observers looking to see if a reformation of leadership, integrity and serving the public may be forthcoming. And they note with sadness that this one man was working toward that goal …bringing our utility around to where it would be a benefit and not a burden to the public. But alas, he was driven out and almost forgotten for doing so.

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