PCTOOLS SCAM... the fine print
Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 @ 10:35:47 EST
Topic: Consumer Info

AUTO RENEWAL SCAMS... reading the fine print


PCTOOLS and other software and service companies have gone to great lengths to make it as difficult as possible for customers to stop the automatic renewing of their products and services. The fine print is in the “terms of purchase” where PCTOOLS claims that by buying their product you agree to have your product, service, or subscription automatically renewed. And of course, you never agreed to that since the salesman never told you anything about it and you didn't see it on any of the PCTOOL advertisements. So it's a big surprise when you get the email notice of automatic renewal and you discover they've rigged everything so you can't just cancel this renewal... you're going to have to WORK HARD AT IT. They've already got your credit card number and they know that a certain percentage of novices will probably give up and let the renewal go through.

Looking on the email, you see no customer service phone number so you can pick up the phone and call… there's no convenient “cancel automatic renewal” button or link somewhere... they made sure of that... so what do you do?

You can follow the directions in the email notice for “opting out of auto renewal,” which say “go to my account” but the last thing you needed when you bought the software was to set up another unnecessary account and password to remember. After finding yourself in an infinite loop of being bounced back and forth between two screens it becomes apparent this doesn't work either.

It’s likely this interruption in your day will cost at least a half hour of your time as you go through the rat maze of figuring it all out and finally getting someone on the phone who speaks and understands English to stop the runaway train.

The first number google listed as PCTOOLS support ended up with someone from "Iyogi" (tech support outsource for PCTOOLS) with a heavy accent who wanted to backdoor into my computer. That was a totally ridiculous request... but they do that so they can terrorize you into thinking that if you don't renew, you may end up with a dead computer and none of your files.

When I refused to allow it, he didn't understand and finally got his supervisor on the phone who couldn't even find the correct number of PCTOOLS for me to call.

This is what’s happened to many American businesses where most everything is outsourced and greed reigns supreme. I do not recommend this product as there are many comparable products that cost less, one for free (CACHE CLEANER) ...some even packaged within security software that offer the same features and performance. And most important... they won't be automatically stabbing your credit card with renewal fees you didn't agree to pay.


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