Date: Saturday, February 03, 2018 @ 15:18:45 EST

RESIDENTS ORGANIZE to fight Lantana Airport expansion

See how two NON COMPATIBLE USES of Lantana Airport have been approved and protected by the FAA despite public petitions, protests and well over 6000 complaints... and the FAA did so without ANY study of what effects these non compatible uses would have on the health, safety and wellbeing of pilots or the public.

Find out how local control over airports is quietly surrendered to FAA adminocrats hundreds or thousands of miles away and why this maniacal little scheme caused one airport to rip up its runway to get out from under FAA control.

The FAA in south Florida has no time to investigate SAFETY issues which is what they're supposed to be doing. Really??

Helicopter schools agreed to abide by Palm Beach County 'good neighbor' standards and then managed to abuse and assault the public for eighteen years by violating those standards and teaching their students to do so. How did they get away with it?? You'll see.

See how the unfair burden of monitoring the Lantana Airport is forced on the public who lacks the necessary training, expensive equipment, vantage point, or the time to accurately monitor it.

See how aviation interests are being served at your expense and how that has already caused a mid air collision. See how the planned expansion would roll over your quality of life, property values, health, safety and wellbeing.

Resident Concerns:


  1. The addition of Jet traffic at LNA (Lantana Airport) which raises the issue of the safe and efficient use of the airport
  2. Helicopters training over our communities where they're not supposed to be training
  3. Any significant expansion of airport operations
  4. Increases in traffic pattern congestion that has already resulted in a mid air collision between a fixed wing Piper and an R22 helicopter.
  5. Unsafe flight practices not being monitored or addressed
  6. Lack of public access to airport flight operation and complaint data
  7. So, before we begin... let's make a few things clear:

    1. No one wants to close the airport. We knew the airport was there with plenty of fixed wing activity.  In the nineties, helicopter training schools applied for tenancy and the County and the schools agreed that there should be no helicopter pattern training at LNA in order to maintain public health, safety and wellbeing.
    2. Some of us are pilots, so we do understand the airport, its operations, its flight rules, and history. 
    3. Regarding helicopters, we want exactly what the County has entitled us to receive ...nothing more, and we won't settle for anything less.
    4. We realize as is often the case, that a few ruin it for the many and therefore we want to be clear that we applaud and support pilots who are acting responsibly... ones that are following the County's Guidelines.

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