Vonage Woes
Date: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 @ 05:17:28 EST
Topic: Consumer Info


In the beginning, this company had good customer service and it still does, if you care to wait. For the past few days some callers have received an ďALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSYĒ message when calling me. Vonage said it was an ATT problem. So I missed some callsÖ big enough problem. But now for the past 24 hours, I havenít been able to get my phone messages that may or may not have accumulated over the past few days. Although Vonage provides Internet access to your voice mail, their site often works so slow (or not at all) that it doesnít pay to retrieve them via Internet.

All this was aggravated over an 18 minute wait for support to find out what was going onÖ sounds like Bell South all over again. I have noticed the waits are getting longer to resolve problems. Meanwhile the annoying ads and promos youíre forced to listen to as you wait have gotten even more annoying.

No doubt this system can save you money. It has saved me thousands and happily, I finally eliminated Bell South out of my life. But Vonage is not a professional system. Itís primary drawback is the latency (delays and sometimes echoes) that occur especially when calls get forwarded to cell phones. These latencies bog down communication with parties stepping on each others talk when they donít intend to.

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